Christmas shipping dates

Merry Christmas

Last Shipping dates 2021

It’s getting close to last dates for online orders to arrive by post, courier or sleigh before Christmas. To give me and the cheery elves enough time to parcel your order up, all whilst singing Christmas songs and feeding the reindeer, I have set my cut-off times to a couple of days before Royal Mail’s last postal dates.

2021 has been another crazy year and Postal and Shipping services have been under severe strain, so these are recommended last dates for shipping and do not allow for possible Customs delays (especially in the USA).
I cannot guarantee any delivery dates as I have no control on postal or Customs services and therefore cannot be held responsible for late deliveries.

Last order dates for Asia, Africa, South America, and Far-Far-Away will need to be in by Tuesday 30 November.

For Australia and New Zealand, you will need to get your orders in by Thursday 2 December.

If your prints need to go to the USA, Canada or Europe, you need to act quickly as my cut-off date for there is Thursday 9 December.

Republic of Ireland orders need to be in by Tuesday 14 December.

UK orders have a little more time, the last chance is Thursday 16 December.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope you all have a wonderful 2022. A big thank you from myself and my family for all your wonderful support in 2021.

Take care & stay safe,
James Kelly